The End of Us: A Story of Death, Deception and China’s Deadly Grip on US Healthcare

The End of Us: A Story of Death, Deception and China’s Deadly Grip on US Healthcare

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In 2020, a small medical supply company led by Tony Paquin was contracted by the federal government to fulfill a gargantuan task: procure the one billion needles and syringes needed to vaccinate the American populace. As his team dealt with cutthroat factory owners, shady middlemen, dubious profiteers, relentless scammers, and the Chinese Communist Party itself, they saw first-hand how America’s reliance on Chinese and other foreign sources for drugs, medical supplies, and high-tech devices, was a threat to American security that would persist for decades to come.

The End of Us is a real-life thriller that also serves as an inside look at this little-known but critical vulnerability, one that imperils every American. Nearly all the devices and medicines that keep us alive are made overseas. And because China, a country that has an increasingly fractious relationship with the United States, pulls the levers of the global supply chain, it possesses a tremendous strategic advantage, one that could be employed to deadly effect in a future conflict with the United States.

As Paquin navigated the byzantine network of manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies, con men, and government officials involved in the medical supply world, he saw how dangerous the system is and what must be done to fix it—before it’s too late.

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