The iRemedy marketplace drives down prices by increasing competition

An eCommerce experience enabling convenient and efficient buying of medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, surgical equipment, and retail products.

Smarter Supply & Lower Prices

Supplies are a major contributor to the cost of healthcare. Buyers lack transparency into pricing and often overpay. We’re challenging that status quo.

New Revenue Streams

For healthcare providers, operating margins are at an all time low. We provide the tools to diversify your revenue and capture more profits.

Improved Patient Adherence

Lack of adherence costs billions. We integrate with EHRs to recommend products, track patient orders, and inform a smarter supply process.

See how the iRemedy marketplace fits your needs!

Our technology serves a wide range of customers, merchants, and sales affiliates.

Branded eCommerce storefronts

Customized storefronts for B2B and B2C buyers

Order Processing

Automatic order processing with EDI and API supplier integrations

ePrescribe Products

ePrescribe system to recommend and order products for patients integrated with EHR data

EHR Integrations

Ability to integrate with Epic and other EHR systems

Vendor Management Platform

Order management platform to enable easy order processing for all merchants

Rep Affiliate Sales Portal

Sales rep portal and CRM platform for easy management and claiming of clients and ability to create teams