iRemedy is the world’s largest and smartest procurement marketplace — powered by our patented A.I. technology.

This is the future of healthcare.

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A New Way Forward

iRemedy is dedicated to realizing bold objectives that create impactful, positive change in our communities. Our vision is proactive and transformative, positioning us as active drivers of innovation in healthcare’s dynamic future. Our mission is straightforward, yet powerful: to improve lives, empower medical providers, and set new benchmarks for excellence in healthcare. 


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Discover the Secrets of Modern Procurement!

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed by urgent product needs? Do you struggle to manage GPO and distributor contracts, leaving you stressed and unproductive? It’s time to take control of your supply purchasing and unlock your full potential.

Join us now and transform the way you buy supplies, manage financials, meet deadlines, and achieve your goals. Embrace the power of a true medical supply marketplace.

Customers We Serve

Direct to Patients

iRemedy uniquely allows the public to purchase a variety of healthcare products, from personal care items to business supplies, while ensuring regulated items are responsibly managed.

Direct to Providers

Our platform delivers custom-branded ordering solutions and also seamless access to supplies via the iRemedy Marketplace, catering to every size provider's unique needs.

Direct to Governments

Specializing in complex logistics, iRemedy is a trusted partner for government agencies, ensuring reliable and efficient flow of medical supplies nationwide.

Manufacturer Direct

We connect the first mile of the supply chain with the last mile of the supply chain through our various manufacturer direct solutions.

Why choose us?

With Us

AI-based technology
Manufacturer direct
Lower cost
Resilient supply

Without Us

Analog systems
Multi-layer distribution
Higher cost
Risky supply
We’re not just determined about doing great work

Passion Is What Drives Us

We’re not just determined about doing great work. We also love doing it.

Our mission? To exceed our clients' expectations.

We pride ourselves on delivering consistent, high-quality service. Our reputation for reliability and efficiency speaks for itself. Every customer is valued, and our dedicated team ensures we meet your needs with professionalism and care.

Customer Focused
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We are experts in healthcare product sourcing
Our commitment to excellence has consistently

We won't settle for anything less than excellence.

Our commitment to excellence has consistently exceeded our clients’ expectations. We prioritize your needs and objectives, ensuring you receive the dedicated service and support you deserve. Trust us to support your objectives and deliver results with precision and care.

Smiles Guaranteed
World Class Service

Our Solutions

Direct to Patient

We deploy custom technology for suppliers and manufacturers to service patients directly – whether it’s a band aide, device or drug. Also, we enable patients to purchase a wide variety of supplies from the iRemedy Marketplace. 

Direct to Provider

Whether buying direct from a manufacturer, or through a distributor, our technology enables providers to manage their multi-vendor procurement processes, all in one place. Additionally, our technology can manage, and surveil, GPO contracts and pricing.


iRemedy specializes in comprehensive third-party logistics (3PL) services, expertly managing and streamlining healthcare supply chains for businesses of all sizes. Our alliance with UPS Healthcare allows us to offer leading logistics solutions that ensures efficient, cost-effective, and reliable delivery of health and medical products worldwide.

Our Experience Is Your Advantage

Hear what our incredible customers have to say!


I found your website very quickly and it was very easy to navigate so that I found my merchandise easily and the price is acceptable.


Overall was pleased with the ordering process and quick delivery.


Glad to find this product. I used it this week at hospital while I was preparing for surgery. It actually has helped to heal my nose. No more irritations and hypersensitivities in my nostrils. I’m so amazed. I think this is the very same brand that my hospital used.


A website that’s user friendly! Congrats on that!


Delivery was extremely fast. I was expecting 7 days before receiving the package. Two days after placing the order it was in my hands/


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