Jim Harding

Jim Harding has been a market disrupter across industries with roots going back to the original team that developed DOS and sold it to Microsoft. He developed the first database to run on location area networks, Revelation. He personally advised Bill Gates on Microsoft’s future database road map.

He founded ServerWare, a conceptual data modeling company, that sold to Microsoft as part of SQL Server. He holds patents on semantic modeling and query languages, ecommerce marketplaces, and streaming analytics for healthcare data. Through a Battelle Labs tech transfer, Jim ran Cartia, an award-winning pioneer in machine learning techniques on ‘big data’ text sources used by defense, patent research, and web-search using 3D topic maps. He founded PhotoTrust, the first on-line photo sharing website that sold to Amazon in 2000.

As VP Technology at Amazon, he led the teams that built the [email protected] and Marketplace re-seller platforms and holds Amazon patents on re-seller metrics and loyalty.

In the insurance industry, Jim was president of a premium financing company that he sold to Vertafore. As CEO of Cirqe he built a collaboration system for healthcare, integrating email and messaging. As CEO of CODONiS, a life sciences data platform, his team built bio-based FPGA algorithms, large-scale simulations on supercomputers (Jaguar) and designed network architectures to move massive genomic and health data stores to the lowest-cost power grid in the US.

Jim was a founder-CTO of MultiScale Health Networks, a clinical data and event collaboration platform that streams healthcare data to the cloud, providing real-time operational analytics for clinical care workers.

Jim speaks on the future of technology as it applies to various markets—life sciences, biology, networking, databases, crypto, ecommerce and healthcare.