Jim Harding, CTO

Jim Harding is a market disruptor across multiple industries with technology bona fides stretching back to the development and sale to Microsoft of DOS, the first operating system for personal computers. He developed Revelation, the first database to run on location-area networks, and personally advised Bill Gates on Microsoft’s future database road map. Jim also founded ServerWare, a conceptual data modeling company, and sold to Microsoft as part of SQL Server. In the ‘90s, Jim founded PhotoTrust, the first online photo-sharing website. He sold it to Amazon in 2000 and joined the fledgling retailer as VP of Technology. At Amazon, he led the teams that built the [email protected] and Marketplace reseller platforms, and holds patents on reseller metrics and customer loyalty.

Prior to joining iRemedy in 2020, Jim was founder and CEO/CTO of MultiScale Health Networks, a clinical data and event collaboration platform that provides real-time analytics for clinical care workers. He is a sought-after speaker on the future of technology as it applies to life sciences, biology, networking, databases, crypto currency, ecommerce, AI and healthcare. He holds patents on semantic modeling and query languages, ecommerce marketplaces, and streaming analytics for healthcare data. Jim balances his high-tech leanings with trail riding, yak herding and running with his rams on a sprawling ranch in the Pacific Northwest.