Gary Paquin

Gary Paquin has more than 20 years in healthcare and advanced technologies beginning with an eight year career at IBM. He is the co-founder of Paquin Healthcare and has consulted hundreds of hospital executives in the specific area of Retail Healthcare since 2005. Gary hosts a national webinar series, now in its fifth year, that covers a wide range of Retail Healthcare topics and has presented to more than 4,000 healthcare executives as part of these webinar sessions. Gary has been public board trained at Stanford Law School and Harvard Business School.

While serving as a key account manager at IBM from 1973 through 1981, Gary was ranked in the top 2% of IBM’s national sales force and was responsible for managing Big Blue’s relationship with both Dow Chemical and General Motors. From 1981 through 1985, Gary was Chief Executive Officer of DataScan, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology company he founded in Minneapolis-St. Paul to provide document automation solutions to leading law firms in Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin. In 1985, he was recruited to Software AG to provide system software for IBM mainframe clients throughout the central U.S. From 1987 until 1991, he worked as Regional Manager at Computer Associates, charged with overseeing IBM mainframe clients in Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and Utah.

In 1991, he joined his brother Tony Paquin to found Agency One, an advanced technology company focused on providing proprietary software solutions to the independent insurance industry. Following Agency One’s sale to AMS Services, Inc., a subsidiary of CNA Financial Corporation, Gary remained as the Company’s Chief Marketing Officer and was credited for establishing Agency One’s software as the #1 installed solution in the U.S. for independent insurance agencies. In 1998, Tony and Gary went on to found Netivation, a Nasdaq-listed company that developed web-based software applications for the healthcare industry and other high growth markets. A born entrepreneur, Gary also founded an online search directory for medical device companies called MedMarket, which launched his successful healthcare consulting career and led him to co-found Paquin Healthcare Companies with Tony in 2005.

Gary attended both Michigan State University and the University of Michigan, where he studied Philosophy, Mathematics and took graduate courses in Healthcare.