Episode 1: Unraveling the Intricacies of the Medical Supply Chain

Episode 1: Unraveling the Intricacies of the Medical Supply Chain

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In our inaugural episode of “The Supply Side“, join iRemedy CEO and host, Tony Paquin, as we delve into the purpose and aspirations of this thought-provoking podcast series. Tony reveals the reasons behind launching this series, touching on the current relevance and the pressing need for such discussions in today’s healthcare landscape.

Get to know more about iRemedy in this episode, as Tony paints a vivid picture of our mission, vision, and the driving force behind our endeavors. We journey through emotionally stirring questions about the healthcare industry and share our strong desire to revolutionize it.

Tony also speaks on our profound partnership with SAMS, shedding light on how our aligned missions have made a tangible difference in healthcare delivery.

Diving into the medical supply chain’s intricacies, we discuss its global implications, with a focus on China’s role in this complex network. We underline the challenges, vulnerabilities, and potential areas of improvement within the supply chain.

Tune into this engaging introduction of “The Supply Side,“ and join us as we set the stage for a series of insightful and informed discussions on healthcare dynamics. Your journey towards a deeper understanding of the healthcare industry starts here.
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