iRemedy Supply was created as a universal, online healthcare store that offers the industry’s most extensive product line. We were able to do this via our unique model of including as many vendors, products, and manufacturers as possible. Currently, iRemedy Supply has products from over 200 manufacturers and distributors and that number is growing weekly. iRemedy Supply is particularly suited very well for new products entering the US healthcare market. Consumers and healthcare professionals want to be able to purchase products from a trusted ecommerce site where the provenance of every product is known.

The internet and ecommerce in general are not trustworthy options when it comes to purchasing medical products. Government studies show a dangerous percentage of counterfeit healthcare products and supplements are sold online. iRemedy Supply is the trusted healthcare ecommerce store that guarantees product authenticity. iRemedy Supply offers an extensive line of healthcare products from trusted sources at consistently low prices.


Ecommerce store offering healthcare products


iRemedy Supply


Deployed the healthcare industry’s most robust ecommerce store for over 50,000 healthcare products