Every doctor’s office in America is paying a different price for the same supplies. Medical supplies are the second highest cost in healthcare and yet doctors are paying more and more every year for the same supplies. iRemedy Pro Supply has introduced an ecommerce store that may be customized to every single practice. The iRemedy Pro store offers products that are only available to licensed physicians. iRemedy Pro Supply is like having an Amazon Prime account – except that it’s free. iRemedy Pro Supply’s proprietary technology allows for a national deployment of supply stores for physicians that can be created by the doctor’s staff in a matter of minutes.

iRemedy Pro Supply is also an important new sales channel for innovative healthcare products that want to sell to the physician market. New products are easily incorporated into iRemedy Pro Supply and may be featured to selected physician categories. Most importantly, iRemedy Pro Supply puts the doctor back in charge with transparent, low pricing on supplies that they need to run a profitable practice.


Ecommerce store for healthcare professionals


iRemedy Pro Supply


Built an ecommerce store for exclusive use by healthcare professionals