Atrium, formerly Carolinas Healthcare, is a leading healthcare system of more than 40 hospitals and 900 care locations. Atrium delivers a full spectrum of care and provides meaningful health services to the entire community. As such, Atrium had a vision to employ the most innovative solution available to insure their patients are able to easily get critically needed DME products while having their insurance pay for the products at the time of purchase. Almost every consumer has had the experience of purchasing a product online. However, until Atrium’s release of their patient-centered store, there was no way for a patient to purchase a ‘retail’ product online and have their insurance cover it.

iRemedy’s customized store for Atrium interfaces with patient billing and insurance coverage programs to uniquely assess each patient’s coverage on a particular item. Atrium is able to make an electronic recommendation via email or text to a patient for a DME product and also display how much of a credit they can receive when they purchase the product. In many cases, the ‘amount due’ is zero. Shopping online is very enjoyable when the cost is free!


Ecommerce store for DME products




Created a customized ecommerce store for Atrium for DME products that allows patients to use their health insurance at the time of purchase of these products at the Atrium store.