We Supply Suppliers

Delivering the right product to providers and their patients is critical to the success of healthcare. New drugs, devices, bio-tech and other products have massive potential for improving the quality and cost of healthcare. Manufacturers and distributors, large or small, established or emerging, are all important members of our community and marketplace.

iRemedy is an exclusively healthcare marketplace that currently has over 100,000 products available now for delivery to hospitals, surgery centers, medical practices, dentists and their patients. We carry products from a range of suppliers from very small companies that have just one or two products to the largest national distributors with over 50,000 medical supply items in their catalogue.


Our platform provides complete infrastructure support for processing orders. The iRemedy Order Management System can send individual orders to small suppliers through email, or automatically transmit orders to larger distributors via EDI.

We also maintain our own warehouse, fulfillment and call center service for vendors that require complete inventory management and shipping. iRemedy provides a full range of secure medical supply fulfillment services in a secure HITRUST compliant process. Our team is committed to providing flawless, high touch pick, pack and ship services for both providers and their patients.

Thousands of medical professionals, hospitals, distributors, manufacturers, GPO’s and consumers connect via websites hosted by iRemedy every day. We are the nation’s largest provider of ecommerce solutions for the healthcare industry, delivering much needed supply chain solutions for drugs, medical supplies, devices and other products.

If would like to add your products to our catalog and reach the thousands of providers in our network, contact our Merchant Team today!