Lower Supply Costs for Medical Practices

Doctors are ready to modernize their practices and improve the quality and efficiency of the service they provide. Physicians and their care teams are looking for innovative ways to manage products and supplies so they can keep their focus on their patients. At iRemedy, we’ve developed unique technologies to improve operations, reduce costs and generate revenues for their medical practices.

B2B Medical Supply eCommerce

Quickly emerging as America’s preferred healthcare marketplace, iRemedy Supply is an eCommerce-driven, online marketplace dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality disposable medical supplies, medical devices, health monitoring devices, pharmaceuticals and retail healthcare products to healthcare providers and facilities of all kinds and their patients.

The iRemedy platform is an intelligent, business-to-business eCommerce system built specifically for healthcare. We’re constantly improving our “Smarter Supply. Better Care” strategy; the result is low prices on more than 50,000 products that are easily ordered and delivered.

The iRemedy.com eCommerce store for healthcare professionals currently features thousands of high-quality products from many of the industry’s leading product suppliers and brands, with many products offered both in small and bulk quantities.

B2C Retail Services eCommerce

iRemedy’s Product Recommendation Engine permits care providers to securely automate the recommendation and sale of much needed health and wellness products to their patients.

These products and services include doctor-recommended telemedicine applications, suggested vitamins or dietary supplements, wearable health monitoring devices, over-the-counter drugs and wound care products, electronic weight scales, DME products, reading materials, and much more.

Patients are emailed or texted direct links to iRemedySupply.com for each product recommended by their physician, allowing them to immediately purchase these products and have them delivered to their front doors.