Independent Medical Sales Professionals

Sign up as an iRemedy independent medical sales professional today and immediately create your own internet-enabled medical supply business. Access tens of thousands of products. Earn repeat commissions. Share your expertise in your market. Be a key part of the iRemedy marketplace movement that is sweeping the nation. Reserve your territory before it goes!

As an independent medical sales professional, having a large and diverse inventory is crucial to your business. We’re here to help by giving you access to our catalog of more than 100,000 medical products from manufacturers and distributors. You’ll be able to get your clients everything they need, every time they order. Most products are available for next day delivery.

By joining the iRemedy marketplace as an independent medical sales professional you can get access to our technology platform for managing your client relationships. You can immediately supply your clients with more than 100,000 products they need for their healthcare practices by simply creating accounts for them in our platform. You can even sponsor other medical sales professionals and create selling-groups and additional commission opportunities. If you have social media accounts, or use email extensively, you can refer businesses to your iRemedy account and your independent medical sales business via a unique URL that we provide you.

We believe independent medical sales professionals are an essential part of the supply chain and important members of our marketplace. Your clients rely on your expertise and we want to be your partner in helping them meet all their needs.

By using our sales portal, you will be able to ‘claim’ practices in your territories and protect the long-term relationships you have worked hard to develop in your market. Be sure to join today!

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