Retail and DME Solution

Easily generate consistent revenue by recommending and delivering retail and DME products to your patients. iRemedy makes it easy for your network’s care providers to recommend the products patients need to improve their health and outcomes through an EHR-integrated eCommerce portal that we design and operate on behalf of your hospital.

Most importantly, patients get the brands and products their care providers recommend delivered precisely when and where they need them.

We have thousands of DME and retail products available for patients that can be ordered through an eCommerce store branded to your system and our team handles all shipping and customer service.

Patients benefit from direct and convenient access to DME and OTC healthcare products and services recommended by their providers, and the hospitals benefit from increased revenue and improved patient outcomes.

In addition, integrating patient portals, like MyChart, can significantly improve a patient’s digital engagement with your hospital.

Non-Acute Supply

Many hospitals actively acquire medical practices to improve access for patients in the communities they serve. These acquired practices require a type of medical supply that is different than that normally provided by the supply department of large hospitals. Medical practice staff mix their supply duties with running the practice, handle front office tasks, and seeing patients.

To meet their needs supply purchasing must be easy, online, and intuitive. Through the use of EHR integrations, artificial intelligence, and eCommerce solutions, iRemedy is focused on transforming the purchase and usage of medical supplies by hospital-owned non-acute centers.

iRemedy is the first supply-chain-management-platform that has been specifically pioneered to automate the procurement and delivery of healthcare products and services for hospital-owned non-acute care providers. Our eCommerce-based ordering system is easy-to-use, manages formularies, and provides complete customer service to all of your non-acute locations.

We build unique, EHR-integrated eCommerce and supply systems for hospitals and their medical practices. The demand for medical supplies used by providers and patients is automatically driven by patient medical records and related clinical activities through direct integration with the hospital’s EHR system.