The #1 Healthcare Supply Marketplace

It’s a challenging time for healthcare in America. Reimbursements are down and expenses are up. Healthcare professionals want to be a part of a system that provides great care to patients, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to overcome the financial risks and burdens of managing care. We help by providing a marketplace that drives down costs and delivers better product solutions for providers and their patients.


At iRemedy, we’ve developed America’s preferred healthcare eCommerce-driven marketplace dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality medical supplies, devices, pharmaceuticals, and retail healthcare products to medical practices, hospitals, surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, home health providers, and consumers.

iRemedy is similar to many non-healthcare eCommerce companies in the sense that we serve a wide range of customers, merchants and sales affiliates, but we’re also compliant with healthcare industry regulations and capable of meeting complex compliance and control requirements.

Thousands of medical professionals, hospitals, distributors, independent medical reps, and consumers connect via websites hosted by iRemedy every day. We are the nation’s largest eCommerce provider for the healthcare industry, delivering cost-efficient solutions for drugs, medical supplies, devices, and other products.