Gary Paquin, Co-founder

Gary Paquin Gary Paquin has more than 20 years’ experience in healthcare and advanced tech, starting with a celebrated stretch at IBM. He independently founded and with his brother Tony, co-founded several companies. His creation of MedMarket, an online search directory for medical device companies, launched his successful healthcare consulting career and led him to co-found Paquin Healthcare. He is a leading expert on retail healthcare, trusted by thousands of hospital executives nationwide. He received executive board training at Stanford Law School and Harvard Business School. A natural extrovert, Gary is an ardent music-lover, dabbles in writing and is active in many political causes.

Gary’s numerable technology and business achievements include:

  • Founding DataScan, an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology company that devised document automation solutions.
  • Co-founding Agency One to provide proprietary software solutions to underserved independent insurance agencies; its rapid growth led to an acquisition by industry titan CNA Financial Corporation in five years’ time.
  • Co-founding Netivation, Inc., a Nasdaq-listed company that developed web-based software applications for healthcare and other high-growth markets.