Paquin Healthcare Renamed to iRemedy Healthcare

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Paquin Healthcare Renamed to iRemedy Healthcare

We are pleased to announce that Paquin Healthcare has been renamed to iRemedy Healthcare as part of our ongoing commitment to the development of a state of the art supply distribution system for the healthcare industry.

For the past ten years we have provided consulting services to hundreds of the largest hospital, healthcare provider and insurance organizations in America. Nearly all that consulting centered on finding new ways to cut costs and increase revenues through smarter medical product distribution strategies.

We’ve now completely merged our consulting activities into our ecommerce platform operations for the healthcare industry: iRemedy. Our work with these leading clients has given us unparalleled access to many of the smartest healthcare supply leaders in America and has created the foundation for our medical supply ecommerce strategies. Intent on introducing true competition, fairness and pricing transparency to the medical supply distribution industry, iRemedy was created to leverage best-in-class ecommerce and supply chain management technologies and capabilities to enable Smarter Supply for those on the front line of patient care in America – namely, the clinicians and entrepreneurial care specialists whose businesses are routinely challenged by the gross inequities and inefficiencies of the prevailing medical supply chain dominated by a small handful of monopolistic distributors.

We firmly believe that iRemedy will become the preferred, single-source ecommerce solutions provider of Smarter Supply to medical practices and hospitals across America, winning clear distinction for introducing much-needed efficiencies and optimal transparency to the multi-hundred-billion-dollar healthcare B2B marketplace.

4 years ago