iRemedy: Just What the Doctor Ordered

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iRemedy: Just What the Doctor Ordered

I’m often asked, “How is iRemedy different from other medical supply distribution companies and why will you matter?” My answer?

"Smarter Supply. Better Care."

For iRemedy, ‘Smarter Supply’ is the fundamental principle that anchors our very existence and is the core ideal that underpins and guides our business-building decisions every day.

Alternatively, for many healthcare providers, today’s top medical suppliers rule the marketplace with brute force using archaic solutions. The result is suppliers focused strictly on protecting the status quo and resisting innovation and price competition.

Intent on introducing true competition, fairness, and pricing transparency to the medical supply distribution industry, iRemedy was created to leverage best-in-class eCommerce and supply-chain-management-technologies and capabilities to enable Smarter Supply for those on the front line of patient care in America – namely, the clinicians and entrepreneurial care specialists whose businesses are routinely challenged by the gross inequities and inefficiencies of the prevailing medical supply chain dominated by a small handful of monopolistic distributors.

According to an annual report published by The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, there were 923,308 professionally active physicians in the United States as of April 2017. Of those, 55.8 percent continue to work in practices that are wholly owned by physicians.

Considering that as much as 50% of a medical practice’s total costs can be tied to the medical supply chain and usually represents the foundation for all its revenue generation, it's astounding that so few in our industry are equipped, much less inclined, to cost-effectively address the individual supply needs of the more than 500,000 doctors who work in private practices.

Add to that the staggering number of independent dental practices, home healthcare agencies, ambulatory surgery centers, skilled nursing facilities, and other small businesses involved in care delivery, and you have a significant percentage of the U.S. healthcare constituency left to contend with exorbitant medical supply costs that are void of transparency or consistency. And of course, there is the sore lack of flexible delivery schedules, powerlessness in tracking down your supply rep when you most need him or her, and the inability to provide adequate tracking and management of products ordered, utilized or buried in the back of a supply closet. But, what’s the alternative?

The reality is that few providers can afford devoting one or more office staffers to:

  • clicking through the Internet to price shop in hopes of optimizing savings on virtually hundreds of disparate supply needs;negotiating individual supply deals for preference products with key vendors;
  • ensuring that proper volumes of supplies are procured and on hand when and where needed while mitigating unnecessary redundancy and wastage; and
  • tracking, accounting for and aligning supply usage with patient care to achieve favorable economic returns for the practice.

As Amazon continues to demonstrate, eCommerce holds the power to transform virtually every major industry, and Healthcare B2B is no exception. However, even Amazon acknowledges that the strict regulatory environment surrounding supply, drug, and device distribution presents good reason for pause. After all, healthcare supply cannot abide simply delivering boxes from non-certified shippers.

Enter iRemedy.

The iRemedy eCommerce platform is the first solution of its kind that provides front line care providers with an easy-to-use, highly secure and compliant online resource that streamlines medical supply ordering and provides optimal transparency into product availability, price, utilization and more.

We empower providers to save money and effectively manage their unique supply needs through eCommerce-based preferred product formularies culled from over 20,000 (and growing) SKUs; free drug sample programs; inventory tracking, re-stocking and management systems; and other proprietary smart tools and capabilities that enhance practice efficiencies and promote better care delivery. In fact, our system features absolute state-of-the-art eCommerce technologies, including innovations utilizing IoT (Internet of Things) push button simplified order management systems.

iRemedy further supports our clients through our fast-growing national network of independent medical supply representatives who deliver customized, localized service and provide meaningful supply knowledge spanning a broad range of product categories and medical specialties. In addition, we plan to ‘push’ key insight into emerging new products and technologies being introduced to market by device, equipment and disposable med-surg product manufacturers worldwide, helping providers to stay well apprised of tools that may potentially improve patient care and experience.

In time, we firmly believe that iRemedy will become the preferred, single-source ecommerce solutions provider of Smarter Supply to medical practices across America, winning clear distinction for introducing much-needed efficiencies and optimal transparency to the multi-hundred-billion-dollar healthcare B2B marketplace.

Move over, old industry vanguard. iRemedy and Smarter Supply has arrived.

4 years ago