iRemedy Introduces Preview Diagnostics to its Marketplace

iRemedy Introduces Preview Diagnostics to its Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY – October 23, 2019 – The iRemedy Healthcare Companiestoday announced the addition of Preview Diagnostics products to iRemedy marketplace stores. These products are designed to provide quality point of care testing (POCT) results in a simple way.

Preview Diagnostics offers multiple products for POCT, including: rapid urine drug of abuse cups and dip cards that can detect up to 14 different drugs simultaneously; an immunochemical fecal occult blood type (iFOB) test that requires no dietary or medication restrictions; a Group A Strep test that is easy to use with individually wrapped test strips; and multiple pregnancy tests that are over 99 percent accurate and deliver results in under five minutes. All Preview Diagnostics products are CLIA Waived.

“We're happy to supply our customers with this high caliber method of point of care testing,” said iRemedy CEO Tony Paquin. "This is yet another product line that we are proud to have available in our marketplace."

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iRemedy is a privately-held healthcare technology and product distribution company that works with industry leaders, including Medline, McKesson, large hospitals, medical practices and GPOs, to bring data-driven intelligence to the U.S.medical supply chain. The iRemedy platform is a ‘smart’ ecommerce solution based on the proprietary iRemedy SKU Data Platform that includes product distribution services. This platform combines transaction, billing, medical record and other data to create a more intelligent product SKU. iRemedy’s solutions combine the power of ecommerce and full supply chain fulfillment services with AI and EHR-integrated capabilities to bring diversity of suppliers, price transparency, predictive analysis and just-in-time inventory solutions that more precisely meet the needs of healthcare providers, large and small. For more information, please visit

Company Contact:  Krys Graham
Director of Marketing
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2 years ago