iRemedy Healthcare Introduces Reimburseable Advanced Wound Care Supply Program for Podiatrists

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iRemedy Healthcare Introduces Reimburseable Advanced Wound Care Supply Program for Podiatrists

STUART, FL – March 22, 2018  – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. (“iRemedy” or “the Company”), developer of the industry transformative iRemedy ecommerce platform, today unveiled its innovative, turnkey Advanced Wound Care Supply Program, created specifically for licensed podiatrists in the U.S.

Tony Paquin, Co-Founder and CEO of iRemedy, noted, “Most podiatrists are not aware they can dispense and be reimbursed for advanced wound care products under their Durable Medical Equipment (DME) license, but, in fact, they can and should. By doing so, they generate a new revenue stream for their practice and materially improve patient convenience, compliance and outcomes by keeping this valuable DME service closer to the point of care.”

The Advanced Wound Care Supply Program provides for iRemedy to manage all aspects of supply fulfillment and reimbursement for wound care solutions prescribed by podiatrists for their patients, including collagen powder, collagen dressing, silver alginate, calcium alginate, hydrogel, foam dressing and hydrocolloid dressing, as well as secondary dressings that include gauzes, conforming bandages and tapes.

More specifically, when a DME-licensed podiatrist prescribes a specific wound care treatment protocol for a patient, that prescription is first sent to iRemedy, which in turn:

  • Pre-qualifies and verifies reimbursement eligibility with the patient’s insurer;
  • Packs and ships the related supply order to the patient or podiatrist’s practice location;
  • Confirms delivery of order;
  • Automatically updates the patient’s EMR;
  • Creates the insurance claim to be submitted to the insurer by the podiatrist’s practice;
  • Confirms claim has been paid by the insurer; and
  • Again, updates the EMR.

Benefits enjoyed by the podiatry practice include elimination of on-site storage and up-front costs associated with purchasing wound care supply inventory; and turnkey support for easy, no hassle claims processing that is fast and accurate.  Supply cost reimbursement involving advanced wound care will result in approximately $550, on average, being paid to the treating podiatry practice for each related patient encounter.

For more information on enrolling a podiatry practice in iRemedy’s Advanced Wound Care Supply Program, please contact Anthony Paquin, iRemedy’s Director of Physician Programs, at 407-744-2811 or via email at [email protected]

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