iRemedy Healthcare Introduces "iRemedy MSO" Solution for Large Group Medical Practices, Hospitals and Health Systems

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iRemedy Healthcare Introduces "iRemedy MSO" Solution for Large Group Medical Practices, Hospitals and Health Systems

Provides End-to-End, Technology-Enabled Solution that Reduces Cost and Speeds Delivery of Needed Medical Supplies to Remote Ambulatory, Clinical and Homecare Settings

STUART, FL – September 25, 2017  – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. (“iRemedy” or “the Company”), parent of and the industry transformative iRemedy ecommerce platform, today announced its introduction of “iRemedy MSO,” a turnkey, technology-enabled medical supply chain management solution designed specifically to reduce cost for – and speed delivery of – medical supplies used by large group medical practices, hospitals and health systems operating multiple remote provider locations.

According to a study released by the Physicians Advocacy Institute (PAI) in September 2016, hospital ownership of physician practices is on the rise, noting that hospitals and health systems acquired 31,000 physician practices, a 50% increase, from 2012 to 2015.  Moreover, study results revealed that acquisitions of practices occurred in every region of the U.S., demonstrating that the trend towards investing in building and buying out clinical locations that are closer to the patient is not concentrated in key geographic regions, but pervasive across the country.  Consequently, hospitals and health systems are now having to redefine their procurement and supply chain processes that meet the needs of not only the institutional hospital environment, but also remote ambulatory, clinical and homecare settings.

In Gartner’s 2016 Healthcare Provider Supply Chain Outlook report, researchers note that healthcare organizations are especially focused on supply chain management, product selection/utilization and standardization.  Gartner researcher Eric O’Daffer told Inbound Logistics magazine, “They’re having to develop relationships with suppliers in order to fully understand the logistics and total delivery costs to measure right price, right time and service cost collections, and then they are having to design a supply chain network that supports adherence.”

Offered as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, iRemedy MSO is an innovative B2B medical supply order and fulfillment managed services program created by iRemedy that will allow large institutional providers and group practices to leverage iRemedy’s robust end-to-end ecommerce platform to fully standardize and control procurement costs and delivery of medical products to remote clinical locations within their respective provider networks.  By deploying customized formularies of products selected and pre-approved by the parent care organization, physicians and other remote care specialists can order needed medical supplies and other care products directly from iRemedy through a customized ecommerce system, custom-branded to the parent organization.  In turn, iRemedy will manage the fulfillment of those orders through direct or drop shipments, as required.

Tony Paquin, founder and CEO of iRemedy, stated, “Solving supply chain management challenges for large provider organizations with far-flung remote operations can only be achieved with technology, coupled with proven supply chain expertise and capabilities. IRemedy fills that bill.  We expect that our new Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) iRemedy MSO solution will quickly prove to be the answer for our many hospital and large group practice clients who have been actively seeking better, more efficient approaches to managing medical supply logistics for their growing network of remote clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and home health agencies.”

About The iRemedy Healthcare Companies

iRemedy owns and operates, fast emerging as America’s preferred healthcare ecommerce marketplace where healthcare consumers come to buy medical supplies, drugs, devices and technologies. Since its market launch in December 2015, thousands of consumers, physicians, nurses, dentists and enterprise users of iRemedy’s Software as a Service (“SaaS”) healthcare ecommerce solutions have joined the fast growing iRemedy community. Built from the ground-up by proven healthcare technology experts, the iRemedy platform brings modern ecommerce-driven, cost-reducing solutions to healthcare by delivering the quality, security and end-to-end supply chain management required by the industry, elegantly combining on-line requisitioning, ordering and purchasing with robust back-end inventory management and fulfillment services.  iRemedy further enhances its electronic marketplace value proposition with fully integrated, SaaS-enabled tools available to iRemedy’s professional users, including managed supply chain solutions, turnkey remote patient monitoring, drug sample program and product recommendation capabilities.  For more information, please visit

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