iRemedy Healthcare Acquires Assets of OurDoctorStore

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iRemedy Healthcare Acquires Assets of OurDoctorStore

STUART, FL – (Market Wired) – February 1, 2017 – iRemedy Healthcare, owner of – America’s fastest growing online healthcare marketplace, today announced that it has acquired certain key assets of OurDoctorStore.

For over a decade, OurDoctorStore was the recognized leader in enabling podiatrists and other medical professionals to sell recommended retail healthcare products directly to their patients through customized online dispensaries. OurDoctorStore worked with hundreds of private medical practices across the United States. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the asset purchase, iRemedy has purchased 100% right and title to OurDoctorStore’s customer lists and brand, to include the URL “” In addition, all retail products currently held in inventory by OurDoctorStore will be shipped to and marketed by iRemedySupply to its growing customer base.

OurDoctorStore’s key advisors and clients have agreed to assist in managing the transition of clients and patients to the iRemedy platform. OurDoctorStore had been providing services to over 200 podiatric medical practices, all of whom will be invited to receive free ecommerce accounts at iRemedySupply. In addition to being able to distribute products to their patients, iRemedy physicians can also remotely monitor patients through consumer wearable devices, and can efficiently access medical devices and supplies through the portal.

“We are very pleased to have come to terms with the principals of OurDoctorStore and look forward to introducing the platform to the many podiatrists, pedorthists, orthopaedic physicians, chiropractors and other medical professionals who previously relied on OurDoctorStore to offer high quality, retail foot care products to their patients,” stated Tony Paquin, CEO of The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc.

OurDoctorStore physician clients will also be invited to join iRemedy’s Medical Advisory Board and participate in the overall development of the iRemedy community. iRemedy already has a robust podiatric product and supply offering and as a result of this acquisiton expects to expand its cataolgue of products for in-office and surgical use, and for the home treatement of podiatric patients.

About iRemedy Healthcare, wholly-owned and operated by The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc., is fast emerging as America’s preferred healthcare ecommerce marketplace where healthcare consumers come to buy medical supplies, drugs, devices and technologies. The iRemedy platform brings modern ecommerce-driven, cost-reducing solutions to healthcare by delivering the quality, security and end-to-end supply chain management required by the industry. Our game-changing, industry-disruptive platform is serving to accelerate the inevitable disintermediation of the distribution industry by providing direct-to-provider and direct-to-patient online ordering and fulfillment solutions. For more information, please visit


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