iRemedy Guarantees Delivery of PPE Medical Supplies Amid Global COVID-19 Pandemic

iRemedy Guarantees Delivery of PPE Medical Supplies Amid Global COVID-19 Pandemic

Forms Strategic Partnership with Global Procurement Powerhouse; Successfully Fulfilling and Guaranteeing Needed Medical Supply for U.S. Health Systems, Tribal Nations and Government Agencies

NEW YORK, NY – April 21, 2020 The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. (“iRemedy” or “the Company”), parent of and pioneer of the iRemedy ecommerce platform, has and remains actively engaged in the provision of trusted product sourcing solutions to address prevailing U.S. demand for high quality medical equipment and supplies amid the global coronavirus pandemic.

Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy, noted, “Rapid consumption of medical supplies used in the fight against COVID-19 has fueled widespread supply shortages. As a consequence, outright scams, price gouging and delivery of substandard equipment and supplies are regularly occurring, endangering the health and safety of those suffering from the disease and exposing hospitals to considerable risk to financial losses and exploitation. With a mission to earn distinction as one of the nation’s most reliable, consistent, transparent and capable medical supply providers, we have remained relentless in our efforts to identify and secure fully vetted sources of high quality products in quantities sufficient to meet the needs of care providers fighting the pandemic on the front lines. To that end, we have been working around the clock to align iRemedy with qualified procurement organizations worldwide with direct channels to leading manufacturers and distributors of high-quality products, including personal protective equipment (PPE), test kits, ventilators and other in-demand therapeutic machines.”

Continuing, Paquin added, “I am very pleased to report that our efforts have led us to form a key strategic partnership with a global procurement powerhouse with direct access to leading manufacturers in the United States, Asia, and Central America. Over the past three weeks, this partnership has been instrumental in helping iRemedy secure and arrange swift delivery of millions of medical supplies to U.S. health systems and tribal nations. In addition, iRemedy is now offering a 100% financial guarantee to provide our customers with an assurance that supplies procured meet the U.S. medical industry’s high-quality standards and are deliverable in a defined timeframe. We believe that this guarantee helps to mitigate financial risk and prevent healthcare institutions from being unnecessarily exposed to frauds and schemes being promulgated by self-professed medical supply ‘brokers’ and other bad actors seeking to take advantage of them.”

Healthcare or government institutions with PPE requirements are encouraged to contact [email protected].

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