iRemedy Announces the Addition of Sound Pillow® & Sound Pillow® Sleep System to Their Marketplace

iRemedy Announces the Addition of Sound Pillow® & Sound Pillow® Sleep System to Their Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY – May 15, 2019  – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies announces the addition of the Sound Pillow® product line to their marketplace. The Sound Pillow® & Sound Pillow® Sleep System were invented by R. Scott Armbruster who’s been living with Tinnitus for over 25 years. Scott’s Sound Pillow® & Sound Pillow® Sleep System have been awarded multiple government contracts & agreements and helps listeners achieve a high level of relaxation to overcome sleep deprivation challenges due to a myriad of reasons: Tinnitus, PTSD, TBI, MST, Stress, Anxiety, and has proven to be helpful for those living on the Autism Spectrum.

The Sound Pillow Sleep System includes an easy-to-use MP3 Player pre-loaded with Sound Pillow’s proprietary Organic Nature Sounds, Non-Emotional/Hypnotic Music along with White, Blue and Pink Noise which plays through the accompanying Sound Pillow. The Sound Pillow is a comfortable twin sized non-allergenic pillow with a set of great sounding stereo speakers; embedded deep within the pillow. Its patented design ensures a comfortable and intimate listening experience, and it is spouse/roommate friendly.

“It’s products like the Sound Pillow & Sound Pillow Sleep System that make the iRemedy marketplace extremely valuable for patients and physicians alike. Sound Pillow’s product line can help a lot of people with a variety of diagnoses that are all resulting in the same problem—trouble falling asleep and staying asleep.” said Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy.

About iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc.

iRemedy is a privately-held healthcare technology and product distribution company that works with industry leaders, including Medline, McKesson, large hospitals, medical practices and GPOs, to bring data-driven intelligence to the U.S. medical supply chain. The iRemedy platform is a ‘smart’ ecommerce solution based on the proprietary iRemedy SKU Data Platform that includes product distribution services. This platform combines transaction, billing, medical record and other data to create a more intelligent product SKU. iRemedy’s solutions combine the power of ecommerce and full supply chain fulfillment services with AI and EHR-integrated capabilities to bring diversity of suppliers, price transparency, predictive analysis and just-in-time inventory solutions that more precisely meet the needs of healthcare providers, large and small. For more information, please visit


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