iRemedy Announces the Addition of Pure Bloom to its Marketplace

iRemedy Announces the Addition of Pure Bloom to its Marketplace

NEW YORK, NY June 6, 2019  – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies announced today the addition of the Pure Bloom line of plant-based, therapeutic CBD products to their marketplace. Pure Bloom CBD blends 100% organically-grown hemp, science-driven formulations, and responsible sourcing, offering consumers a full-spectrum of plant-based therapeutic benefits for healing and wellness. Made from only the purest ingredients and cultivated from the brand’s licensed family organic hemp farm in Maine, Pure Bloom’s proprietary product line includes a selection of high-CBD extract oils, as well as water-soluble CBD nectars.

While everything Pure Bloom manufactures utilizes extracts from the whole plant, their Full Spectrum CBD Oil line includes all cannabinoids, whereas their Broad Spectrum line has some cannabinoids removed and it water-soluble. This CBD oil line also has more than 400 other trace compounds that work in concert together to create what the scientific community calls the “entourage effect,” the magnification of the therapeutic benefits of each individual compound.

“An important part of the iRemedy mission is provide a marketplace for emerging products. Pure Bloom is a perfect example of a growing new industry and we’re excited to have them on the platform.” said Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy.

“We’re thrilled to become a part of the iRemedy suite of products,” said Pure Bloom Founder Wendy-May Real. “As a growing CBD brand it’s important to consistently reach new audiences. Through the iRemedy integration, Pure Bloom has the opportunity to get in front of a whole new demographic – one that could greatly benefit from CBD education and everyday use of our proprietary and sustainable product line made with highest standards of quality, purity, and safety, and backed by science.”

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About iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc.

iRemedy is a privately-held healthcare technology and product distribution company that works with industry leaders, including Medline, McKesson, large hospitals, medical practices and GPOs, to bring data-driven intelligence to the U.S. medical supply chain. The iRemedy platform is a ‘smart’ ecommerce solution based on the proprietary iRemedy SKU Data Platform that includes product distribution services. This platform combines transaction, billing, medical record and other data to create a more intelligent product SKU. iRemedy’s solutions combine the power of ecommerce and full supply chain fulfillment services with AI and EHR-integrated capabilities to bring diversity of suppliers, price transparency, predictive analysis and just-in-time inventory solutions that more precisely meet the needs of healthcare providers, large and small.  For more information, please visit

About Pure Bloom

Pure Bloom was founded with a singular goal in mind: to create luxury, performance-driven CBD products for the responsibly curious and everyday consumer. Pure Bloom uses pure, carefully selected ingredients, including organic hemp from their family farm, and advanced extraction techniques in compliant manufacturing facilities to provide a luxury line of plant-based therapeutic products that you can trust from seed to shelf. Pure Bloom’s proprietary line of sustainable products, includes a selection of high-CBD extract oils, as well as a water-soluble CBD nectar, perfect for your morning beverage or breakfast ritual. To learn more about Pure Bloom and how to purchase exclusively through their website, please visit and follow @purebloomcbd for Instagram.

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