iRemedy Announces Release of National Sales Portal

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iRemedy Announces Release of National Sales Portal

STUART, FL – April, 2017 – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. today announced the deployment of its iRemedy Sales Portal for use by independent medical sales representatives nationwide. As part of the announcement the company also shared that Michael Morello will be joining as National Vice President of Sales, overseeing their national sales network.

Mr. Morello has over 15 years’ experience selling clinical products and developing sales teams for medical supplies, pharmaceutical and biologics products.

The development of the independent sale team is a key part of iRemedy’s multi-faceted strategy as it further brings efficiencies to the medical supply distribution business using its disruptive technologies.

“We are getting tremendous response to our Sales Portal and expect to have more than 500 reps on the program in the near term,” stated Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy Healthcare. iRemedy’s Sales Portal enables independent medical sales reps located across the country to sell all products and services available in the iRemedy network to their medical practices, hospitals, surgery centers and dental offices.

This is another industry first for iRemedy as it offers thousands of sales representatives the opportunity to instantly expand their businesses by offering over 10,000 medical products through its healthcare ecommerce platform. Sales reps can sign into the portal and immediately access a turn-key solution to develop and enhance their medical supply business with the latest state-of-the-art healthcare ecommerce technology solutions.

The company has also been attracting many leading drug device, biologics, and medical supply manufacturers and distributors that are now participating in the iRemedy marketplace as sellers. This expanding product line is a key resource for the company’s sales rep community.

“As we deploy this sales team, we are happy to have Mike provide the leadership and support we need to assure success. He is a proven, established medical sales professional and mentor that shares our commitment to revolutionizing the medical supply industry,” stated Paquin.

“I am honored and extremely enthusiastic to be joining such a dynamic organization that is on the absolute forefront of healthcare supply chain technology, the future is here and now,” said Morello.

About The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc.

Headquartered in Stuart, Florida, The iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc. is nationally recognized as the incumbent leader in the delivery of “Retail Healthcare” products, end-to-end distribution and fulfillment services and innovative Digital Health solutions to U.S. healthcare providers and their consumers. iRemedy offers healthcare providers the ability to save costs on medical supplies and generate new and meaningful retail revenue streams through leading edge patient engagement tools and services offered on its proprietary platform. For more information, please visit and

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