iRemedy Announces Major Enhancements to its Full-Service Platform for Vendors of Medical Products

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iRemedy Announces Major Enhancements to its Full-Service Platform for Vendors of Medical Products

NEW YORK, NY - April 11, 2019 – The iRemedy Healthcare Companies (“iRemedy”) today announced major enhancements to their vendor product distribution program. This program, which was first introduced in 2018, is already the go to market strategy for thousands of healthcare product companies through easy access to iRemedy’s network of eCommerce sites.

“Today we are announcing a major expansion to our vendor services, giving key infrastructure capabilities to manufacturers and distributors worldwide," said Tony Paquin, CEO of iRemedy Healthcare. For international companies this is a first ever solution for efficient access to the U.S. market.

By adding their products to the iRemedy vendor network, companies get the ability to process orders, access sales channels, gain promotion online with paid ads and social media, and work with thousands of independent medical representatives targeting medical practices, hospitals and other healthcare providers.

The vendor program includes infrastructure services like online promotions, order capture, order fulfillment, and can be extended to include marketing and sales team development. Vendors can apply to be included in the program by reaching the company at [email protected]

“This marketplace eCommerce approach, one that is built on quality control and compliance, is revolutionizing healthcare by providing market access to emerging device, drug and supply companies. Just as Amazon, Netflix and iTunes revolutionized their markets by creating efficient and accessible distribution communities, iRemedy is bringing marketplace efficiency to the U.S. healthcare market,” Paquin says.

About iRemedy Healthcare Companies, Inc.

iRemedy is a privately-held healthcare technology and product distribution company that works with industry leaders including Medline, McKesson, large hospitals, medical practices, and GPOs to bring data-driven intelligence to the U.S. medical supply chain. The iRemedy marketplace platform is a ‘smart’ eCommerce solution based on the proprietary iRemedy SKU Data Platform that includes product distribution services. This platform combines transaction, billing, medical record and other data to create a more intelligent product SKU. iRemedy’s solutions combine the power of eCommerce and full supply chain fulfillment services with AI and EHR-integrated capabilities. This process leads to diversity of suppliers, price transparency, predictive analysis and just-in-time inventory solutions that more precisely meet the needs of healthcare providers, large and small.

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