How to Sell to Physicians

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How to Sell to Physicians

Selling medical devices to physicians has changed over time, in part because the role physicians play in their facilities has evolved over the last 20 years. Consider this: in 2000, 95% of physicians were involved in a private practice. In 2016, only 47% were—and that trend is likely to continue. Doctors simply don’t want to absorb the risk of being part of a small practice or opening their own because those are not nearly as stable as being part of a large network.

As a result, they’re not as often the decision maker as they used to be when a medical rep walks through the door. That doesn’t mean you should write them off altogether though. Instead of being a direct buyer, there's still a good chance that they’re an influencer so it’s beneficial to form a relationship with them when selling medical equipment. Because of this, it’s helpful to know specifics about this doctor’s practice, i.e. volume, specialty, etc. Knowing how to sell to physicians is only effective if you know what they need.

There are platforms that organize data about practices across the country, like iRemedy, which has thousands of doctors and facilities in its network. Utilizing these platforms can give you a leg up on the sales reps that are just cold calling without researching prospective clients beforehand because they think they already know how to sell medical equipment. Just like every other industry, sales in the healthcare industry rewards those who are working smart.

2 years ago