Episode 3: Insights from a Finance and Supply Chain Veteran – Obie L. McKenzie’s Journey

August 1, 2023

Join us on the latest episode of ‘The Supply Side’ where our host, Tony Paquin, has an engaging conversation with the distinguished Obie L. McKenzie. With a storied career spanning over 50 years in the financial services sector, Obie has unparalleled insight into the complex world of supply chain dynamics. His diverse experience, encompassing roles at leading firms like BlackRock, Merrill Lynch Investment Managers, and UBS Asset Management, provides a unique backdrop to this enlightening discussion on the medical supply industry and the broader healthcare economy. In this episode, we not only delve into Obie’s invaluable insights on these critical aspects of the healthcare industry but also journey through his impressive career path. His substantial contributions to the finance and supply chain sector, coupled with his philanthropic endeavors and personal passions, make for a rich and compelling narrative. This is a conversation that promises to leave listeners with an enriched understanding of the healthcare industry’s complexities and the man who has played a significant role in shaping it. Don’t miss out on this fascinating dialogue, where industry expertise meets inspiring personal story.